The Search Party Live Coaching Recording Library

Get 60-day on-demand access to our brand new Live Coaching Recording Library. This is your chance to see The Search Party Method in action as our experts walk genealogists through our simple 5-step process!


The commentary in the chat was helpful, especially on the replay. I am amazed at how well Crista keeps track of all the details of the clues and sifts through them. These sessions were great demonstrations of the importance of what we learned in the previous classes. It is a simple, logical process, but you need to be a creative thinker to determine your best path of research. Consider all possibilities! Thank you!”


“This session was so very good, well done all! I loved having Diahan in the comments setting the stage for each person being coached. That was so helpful, and obviously well-received by most everyone. It is wonderful to see everyone working to help the "coachee" and learning as they are going… I am excited to revisit some of my long-standing brick walls and revisit those Spotlight Questions....they obviously need some tweaking!

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